—— WHY US ——

Valz Foods knows the best way to run a Chicken and Pizza business because we do it ourselves.

We have over 7 years of perfect chicken and pizza foodservice behind us. And a very bright future ahead of us thanks to our Franchise Partners and associates who have embraced our business model, processes, and belief that every piece is important.

“I believe that good people making profits can do great things with money, so it’s important to be in the right business”


Restaurants run right.

We know how to efficiently run chicken and pizza restaurants because we manage over 5 million transactions per year ourselves. We use our company-owned restaurants as testing grounds for new processes and menu items before they are launched with our Franchise Partners. That way, you can be confident that new additions have been thoroughly vetted for efficiency and profitability. Here are just a few of the ways that you benefit:

  • You will have predictive intelligence to calculate delivery times and the number of drivers needed each day
  • Our website and mobile app make it easy for guests to order and improve your average guest check
  • Our restaurant design is flexible so you can enhance the guest experience and your profit potential by adding a patio, pick-up window, and/or a selection of craft beer

About Valz Foods

Finally! Food to die for


Valz Foods is a much healthier, yet modern take on traditional health-conscious food. You gain great taste, lower calories, crispy crust, organic tomatoes and sauces, natural toppings with all the flavourful taste you love to experience.

We are a privately held company run by a very seasoned Board of Directors. The Board is primarily made up of stakeholders in the food and wellness industry, and the success and break-forth of this brand leave a very heavy impact on them, obviously.

And we’re your city’s favourite, doesn’t matter the size. 0ur customers get actual value from digging into our pizza crust or biting hard into our chicken piece. We offer great food at great prices while keeping up with the trends. Nobody does it better like Valz Foods


Consistently Delicious.

You could say that we’re more than a little bit fanatical about providing a consistently delicious product every time: It’s embodied by our motto: Finally! Food to die for. For our Franchise Partners, that dedication has led us to develop systems that take the guesswork out of running your franchise.

We Make the Dough.

Our Famous Thin, thick, and hand-tossed pizza crusts are made at the home office bakery and shipped to your location, just as our chicken parts are marinated and broasted to perfection. This is to ensure a consistent product from location to location and from pizza to pizza.

We Set the Standards.

To reach peak perfection, we developed a formula that explicitly spells out how much to use of each ingredient by weight and specific bake times. This allows our restaurants to focus on reducing food costs and delivering great customer service.


We Innovate the Menu.

Our Menu Innovation Team has extensive experience and constantly tests new menu options to ensure that our offerings are on-trend and keep customers coming back for more. Meet our team behind this innovation.

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